Life is better on the water, let us get you back out there

​Whether your raft has a small hole, giant tear or just needs a little love - we have you covered.

Give us a call or stop by our shop during open hours, we do all evaluations for free. Below is a list of common repairs we see but the list is limitless.

Common repairs:

  • Pinhole leaks

  • Tears - small and large

  • Leaky or broken valves

  • Blown baffles, i-beams and v-tape

  • New install & removal/replacement of footcups, d-rings, handles

  • Removal of old outfitter logos

  • Application of urethane protective coating - top and bottom of craft

  • And so much more

We are the largest dedicated raft repair facility in the country. Although we are located in Colorado, we repair rafts from all over. Shipping can get pricey - but we have great relationships with several freight companies, as well as FedEx and UPS to get your inflatable to us as cheaply as possible.

Certified in Warranty Repairs