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About Us

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Inflatable Technologies is a multi-discipline company specializing in front-end design, development and fabrication of inflatable products for diverse applications. There are no information gaps between Engineering, Fabrication and Quality Assurance Departments. This co-operative environment enables a cross-pollination of ideas and solutions, critical to program / project success.

Inflatable Technologies offers solutions to complex customer requirements and demonstrates its vast knowledge of fabric substrates coupled with appropriate air-retentive coatings and bonding systems. We minimize stress risers in our designs by selecting the most effective and well characterized materials for fabricating extraordinary inflatable shapes.

We have developed proprietary elastomeric chemistries which merge structurally unprecedented systems with very complex skeletons.

Inflatable Technologies' broad spectrum customer base encompasses Aerospace, Military, Government and Commercial markets. We have developed inflatable seals for ion mass spectrometry equipment which enables trace explosive detection in cargo shipping containers, inflatable mandrels for winding composite structures, pontoon systems, a variety of inflatable boat designs, theme park props, etc.

Inflatable Technologies, is uniquely qualified to consult, provide design assistance, create patterns and fabricate prototypes in accordance with customer requirements.

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