Quality Custom Boat Design Services

Boating is intended to be enjoyable. Those who don.t enjoy it don.t do it. The basic requirement for enjoying boating is a seamless link between your body and your highly efficient machine. Our custom boat shop secures this link by providing you with what you want: a comfortable and efficient fit, functional design for your use, and personalization of the boat's look. A quality custom-built boat / component includes all of these precisely the way you want it.

One of the unique services we offer is our technical Custom Shop. If it doesn't exist, we will fabricate it! Clearly, there are many needs in the industry, which are not available off-the-shelf and the first step in your solution is the design itself. It takes experienced, qualified technicians to ask all the "what if" questions in order to properly design and implement a viable solution. From the design stage to fabrication and installation, Inflatable Technologies has your needs covered.